Satisfy your hunger for knowledge about what society produces and how society produces and distributes its wealth with one of three majors, or a minor from the Department of Economics. You can also consider the mathematical economics major, or select economics as one of your licensing areas if you are a teaching major in social studies. There are prime opportunities for double majors both for business and non-business students. Our impactful course work and learning, relevant to real issues of today's economy, helps you ensure an engrossing career. 

Economics Major—Choose from three economics major options that allow you to tailor your economics education to fit your interests and career goals:

Economics Minor—Anyone would profit from an understanding of economics, and the minor is open to any major.

Mathematical Economics (Interdepartmental) Major—This major will prepare you for graduate study in economics and also facilitate a double major in either mathematical economics and actuarial science or mathematical economics and mathematical sciences. This track combines requirements of both the Department of Economics and the Department of Mathematical Sciences. 

Teaching Major in Social Studies with a Concentration in Economics—It takes a special set of insights and patience to teach high school social studies. The teaching major in social studies gives you the power you need to excite the next generation. Students majoring in social studies teaching may select economics as one of their licensing areas.