Kerry Anne McGeary

Recent Research Publications

  • Rhum, C. J., Jones, A. S., McGeary, K. A., Terza, J. V., Greenfield, T. K., Kerr, W. C., Pandian, R. S., (2012). What U.S. Data Should Be Used To Measure The Price Elasticity Of Demand For Alcohol? Journal of Health Economics 31 (6): 851-862.
  • Asgeirsdottir, T. and McGeary, K.A., (2009) Labor/Leisure Choices and the Impact of Alcohol Problems: An Analysis of Labor supply in Iceland. European Journal of Health Economics 10 (4): 455-465.
  • McGeary, K. A., (2009). How Do Health Shocks Influence Retirement Decisions. Review of Economics of the Household 7(3): 307-321.
  • McCullough, B., McGeary, K. A., and Harrison, T. D., (2008). Do Economics Journal Archives Promote Replicable Research? Canadian Journal of Economics 41 (4): 1406-1420.
  • Katzman, B., McGeary, K. A., (2008). Will Competitive Bidding Decrease Medicare Expenditures? Southern Economic Journal 74(3): 839-856. Winner of the Georgesqu-Roegen Prize for Best Paper in 2008.
  • Katzman, B., Markowitz, S.  and McGeary, K. A., (2007). An Empirical Investigation of the Social Market for Cigarettes. Health Economics 16, 1025-1039. This publication appeared as: "A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of Teenage Smoking Decisions," NBER Working Paper# 8844.
  • McCullough, B., McGeary, K. A. , and Harrison, T. D., (2006). Lessons from the JMCB Archive. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 38(4): 1093-1107.
  • Koch, S., McGeary, K. A., (2005). The Effect of Alcohol Use and Abuse on School Leaving. Economic Inquiry 43 (4): 750-765.

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