Lee C. Spector

Recent Research Publications                                                        

Work in Progress

  • Spector, L. C., 2006. What Research Now Needs to Tell Policy Makers about School Choice
  • Liu, T., Spector, L. C., Asymmetric Effects of Fiscal Policy
  • Spector, L. C., Cotet, A. M., Attorney Competition and Tort Awards
  • Spector, L. C., Cotet, A. M., Infant Health: Are Fertility and Diabetes Insurance Mandates Compounding the Problem
  • Spector, Lee C. and Courtenay C. Stone. The 2004/05 Job Market for Economists: Who, Where and Why? (2004).
  • Spector, L. C., Hart, R., The Impact of the Credit Market on the Efficacy of Fiscal Policy
  • Liu, Tung, and Lee C. Spector. Using Stochastic Frontier Analysis to Examine the Asymmetric Impact of Fiscal Policy (2005).

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