The Honors College is open to high-ability students of all majors, including economics or mathematical economics. It provides a vibrant, supportive learning environment, starting your freshman year.

In addition, you can apply for departmental honors, a designation that appears on official university transcripts, is noted in the commencement program, and is in departmental records.

To earn departmental honors in economics or mathematical economics, you must:

  • complete an independent study project in ECON 492 or HONRS 499 (Senior Honors Project)
  • have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.3 or higher
  • be eligible to take upper level courses
  • earn 9 honors credit in a minimum of three upper level (300-400) economics courses

Follow these easy steps:

  • During the first week of class, inform the faculty member teaching the course that you wish to take the course for departmental honors credit.
  • If the faculty member agrees, you and the faculty member must agree on the type of academic work required for honors credit. This honors work might take the form of additional research and writing, creative projects, review essays, additional reading, a presentation at a colloquium series, or professional meeting.
  • The project must be specified in writing, signed by both the faculty member and you, and filed in the Department of Economics office. The faculty member determines if honors credit will be granted subject to these restrictions:
    • Courses must be regularly scheduled courses. Individually taught courses may not be counted.
    • Departmental honors course work must be in addition to regular course requirements.
    • No course grade below B will be accepted for honors credit. 

It is your responsibility to:

  • obtain a departmental honors form from Student Services in the Whitenger Building, room 147
  • have it signed by the faculty member responsible for granting such credit
  • return the completed form to the Honors College main office, Carmichael Hall, room 104.