Our Center for Actuarial Science, Insurance, and Risk Management links industry leaders and future insurance industry professionals, opens opportunities for faculty to conduct applied research, and serves as a continuing education for working professionals.

The center sponsors industry specific research, executive in residence programs, and interactions between students and industry professionals both in and out of the classroom. It also encourages student participation in professional conferences.

Ratcheting up the relationship between the practice and the education of actuarial science, insurance and risk management disciplines, the center blends the experiences of insurance program and actuarial science students (based in the Department of Mathematical Sciences). The center is a partnership between the Miller College of Business and the College of Sciences and Humanities. Ball State is one of the few universities to offer majors in both insurance and actuarial science.

With the assistance of industry and community leaders, the center is putting venture capital to work in scholarships, endowed professorships, professionals-in-residence programs, and internship programs.