At Ball State, your learning is not limited to the classroom. Whether it's immersive learning or internships, you will have the opportunity to apply what you've learned to real-life situations. We offer several different immersive learning opportunities and internships for each major.

  • Immersive learning is an intensified form of experiential learning. Working with a faculty mentor, you and your teammates drive the learning process. 
  • Internships are coordinated through the chair of the department. Students intern at companies within Indiana and across the country, including the Internal Revenue Service.

Information Systems

Because we give 100 percent of ourselves to you, we ask the same in return. As an information systems major, you will be required to take a capstone course your senior year. Not only is successful completion a requirement for graduation, we also use this as an immersive learning experience.

You will have to work with other majors to examine a business problem, find out reasons for the problem, and solve it. The purpose is to make not only the client happy but yourself for all of your hard work.

Recent information systems graduates landed a trip to Ireland for their outstanding work helping the Indianapolis International Airport. The students were presented the challenge of helping the airport come up with a network that could withstand a tornado or an accident—and also transfer easily to a new terminal under construction. After doing some research the students were able to come up with a solution, which the airport continues to use.

You can also get hands-on learning through the Organizational Assurance and Information Security Center (OASIS). With identity theft and other breaches of security on the rise, there is a major need to create and implement security systems for the government, military, and commercial industries.

OASIS was started to meet the need. The center provides an environment for the development of theoretical and practical aspects of organizational assurance and information systems security.  

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Our focus is to give you tons of hands-on experience. Not only will you be required to finish a capstone class, but you will have the opportunity to work within the Building Better Communities Business Fellows program. Guided by a faculty mentor, students use their smarts to benefit Indiana businesses, organizations, and communities.

Our students have completed a variety of projects, including an emergency management project for Muncie and Delaware County.

Using tools supplied by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the team created computer-generated models and what-if scenarios involving floods, earthquakes, and tornado in this area. The results predict the aftermath of natural disasters including property damage values, tons of debris, number of lost lives, infrastructure damage, and more. The work helped the Delaware County Emergency Management Agency and local governments improve the infrastructure and planning for these natural disasters.

Business and Marketing Education

While you’re tackling rigorous courses, you will be able to put to work what you are learning.

You will be provided with field experiences and student teaching in Indiana public schools. Also, an increasing number of our business and marketing education majors add an internship

in the business community—an experience that adds real value to their preparation and employability.