Modern technology has facilitated amazing growth in data collection, but what do you do with all that information?  Businesses in every industry need smart, driven employees to make sense of the madness and find the underlying truth of the market, and that is where business analytics comes in.

Business analytics is a broad term to describe the process of gathering large data sets using statistical methods to create new insights.  A degree in business analytics will prepare you to enter the business world and attack data.  Your program will be grounded in theory yet challenge you with practical applications.  You'll have the opportunity to apply technical skills to solve real problems.  Several statistical software suites are available to our students in the ISOM computer labs and classrooms for diving deep into data and freely exploring topics. 

Business analysts work most often in areas of business, finance, economics, health care, and government.  As a business analyst, you may work with R&D teams to develop strategies and systems for customized data needs.  You may work with IT specialists to improve the security and efficiency of data processes, or you may work with business executives to determine the health and direction of a specific aspect of the organization.

Ball State's business analytics program addresses a need for the intelligent handling of "big data" and has garnered praise from local and national companies including Cisco Systems, UPS, Ernst & Young, Duke Realty, First Merchants Corporation, Muncie Power Products, Ontario Systems, and MutualBank.  We encourage students to pursue internship opportunities to build a strong business network and valuable experience.

At Ball State University, you will benefit from constantly updated curriculum, access to leading-edge technology, and the chance to collaborate with faculty mentors on research and other innovative, hands-on projects with real-world applications, such as the Cluster Computing Research Project.

You will begin the program as a pre-business major, which you may declare during your freshman or sophomore year. In your junior year, you may declare a major in any of the Miller College of Business bachelor's degree programs (including business analytics), if you have fulfilled certain prerequisites. Learn more about becoming a business major.