The integration of technology into every corner of business operations has made business analytics a promising career.  A bachelor's degree in business analytics is appropriate for careers in a wide variety of industries: health care, business, finance, economics, government, and media, among others.  The field of business analytics may also be called computer analytics, data analytics, data statistics, or data technology.

As in most career fields, your salary and responsibilities increase with your job title and experience.

  • Entry-level data analyst $35,000-$70,000
  • Experienced data analyst $43,000-$91,000
  • Management analyst $78,000
  • Data administrator $70,000-$120,000
  • Data scientist $85,000-$170,000
  • First-level analytics manager $90,000-$140,000
  • Middle-level analytics manager $130,000-$175,000
  • Top-level analytics manager $160,000-$240,000

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