The undergraduate major in business analytics requires completion of credits that are divided into three groups of courses. The first group is the University Core Curriculum that all undergraduate students must take, totaling 33 credit hours. Second is the set of 63 credit hours that all undergraduate business students must take. The third set includes the 21 credit hours of requirements and electives for the business analytics major.

For more information about each course, use the on-campus course planner and the online/distance education course planner.

Required courses, 15 credit hours:

  • ECON 321: Advanced Business Statistics (3 credit hours)
  • BA 305: Introduction to Business Analytics (3)
  • BA 345: Data Mining for Business Analytics (3)
  • BA 436: Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence (3)
  • BA 482: Managing Big Data (capstone course) (3)

Elective courses, choose two, 6 credit hours:

  • ECON 424 Introductory Econometrics (3)
  • MKG 450: Social Media Marketing and Web Analytics (3)
  • JOUR tbd: Media Analytics for Journalism (3)
  • JOUR tbd: Media Analytics for Advertising & Public Relations (3)

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