While many universities were eliminating their business education programs years ago, Ball State pressed forward. We have never left our teachers college roots, and that’s why we offer a degree in business and marketing education.

The demand continues to increase in secondary schools for business teachers. Working with the Teachers College and our department, you will gain valuable experience to step foot into any classroom.

Our curriculum is rigorous. You will be required to take the same 13 core courses as other business majors. If you’re going to teach business, we want you to be just as knowledgeable as your peers majoring in other business areas. You will be rubbing elbows with potential accountants and human resource executives.

About 10 to 12 students a year go through our program, which makes for smaller classes and more one-on-one time with your instructors.

You will also be required to complete student teaching, and with the high demand for business teachers, you’re almost assured a job once you graduate.

Learn more about your options and the course work.