In today's world, technology is an imperative driver of business innovations and success. Land a job within an organization’s computer information systems operation, and you will be responsible for planning, developing, and managing computer technologies that support business operations, logistics and supply chain management, and business analytics.

This major suits individuals who are passionate about cutting-edge technologies and also have an interest in management positions in a business firm.

Unlike the computer science major which focuses on technology and its improvement, the computer information systems major focuses on business firms and their operations. It considers technology as a strategic tool that supports and enables business success.

The career of computer information systems is considered by many as "recession proof" and currently there are more jobs than graduates. Companies have a constant, high demand for computer information systems professionals who can help them better utilize computer technologies to enhance business operations and achieve improved performance.

At Ball State University, you will benefit from constantly updated curriculum, access to leading-edge technology, and the chance to collaborate with faculty mentors on research and other innovative, hands-on projects with real-world applications, such as the Cluster Computing Research Project.

You officially start out as a pre-business major, which you may declare during your freshman or sophomore year. In your junior year, you may declare a major in any of the Miller College of Business bachelor's degree programs (including computer information systems), if you have fulfilled certain prerequisites. Learn more about becoming a business major.