The undergraduate major in operations management requires completion of 120 credit hours that are divided into three groups of courses.  The first group is the University Core Curriculum (33 credit hours) that all undergraduate students must take and another 27 credit hours for pre-business and electives courses.  Second is the set of 42 credit hours business courses that all undergraduate business students must take.  The third set includes 15 credit hours of major required courses and 3 credit hours from major elective courses.

For more information about each course, use the on-campus course planner and the online/distance education course planner.

Department Core:

  • ISOM 361: Simulation, Modeling, and Optimization
  • ISOM 369: Industry Internship
  • ISOM 453: Manufacturing Planning and Control
  • ISOM 460: Global Logistics & Transportation Management
  • ISOM 480: Supply Chain Management Strategy

Electives (choose any one course - 3 credit hours):

  • ISOM 300: Project Management
  • ISOM 355: Quality Management & Lean Six Sigma
  • ISOM 452: Inventory, Warehousing & Negotiations
  • ISOM 456: Information Technology & Business Analytics

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