If you seek a director of career and technical education license, which is required for administering career programs and facilities, let Ball State help you.

This program addresses the license requirements for Indiana Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability (REPA). If you live in another, you will want to check with your state's educational licensing office to see if this will meet your state's requirements.

You can also apply courses you earn toward the license to our master's degree in career and technical education.

Who Can Qualify?

Those in Indiana must meet the following three criteria to pursue this license:

  1. Hold one of the following licenses:
    1. A proficient practitioner license or accomplished practitioner license with at least one of the content areas in career and technical education according to the Indiana Standard License Assignment Code. 
    2. A workplace specialist II license with two years of full-time teaching experience in an accredited vocational school in the grade level and vocational content area listed on the license.A proficient or accomplished practitioner license in building level administrator, superintendent, director of curriculum and instruction, or director of exceptional needs.
    3. A proficient practitioner license or accomplished practitioner license that includes the content area of business or technology education. 
  2. Successfully complete the content for director of career and technical education.
  3. Successfully complete a master's degree.

Mode of Delivery

This program is offered completely online.

Take the Next Steps

Learn more about how to apply and meet qualifications for acceptance into the program, as well as what courses you will take.

Academic Advisor 

Edward Lazaros, PhD
Department of Information Systems and Operations Management