APICS, the educational society for resource management, is an international organization offering a full range of programs and materials on the latest business management concepts and techniques. These materials, developed under the direction of integrated resource management experts, are available at the local, regional, and national levels. 

The student chapter of APICS serves as a bridge between academia and the business community. The major goal of APICS is to give students the opportunity to grow professionally and to interact with practitioners in production and operations management.

APICS' internationally recognized certified in production and inventory management (CPIM) process is a standard by which individuals voluntarily assess their understanding of the production and inventory control concepts and methods. APICS administers more than 60,000 CPIM exams around the world annually.

Answering the need for a more cross-functional, integrated workforce, APICS developed the certified in integrated resource management (CIRM) educational and self-assessment process. In conjunction with the CIRM process, APICS offers a variety of educational programs and services that provide information regarding the interdependencies of all business disciplines.

We hold regional and international conferences, monthly dinner meetings in Indianapolis sponsored by the parent chapter, CPIM review courses, monthly meetings at Ball State, seminars, workshops, and plant tours.

Since 1957, APICS members have been at the forefront of such management and manufacturing achievements as the widespread use of material requirements planning (MRP) in the workplace and the introduction of dynamic philosophies that affect all areas of manufacturing management.

APICS is dedicated to continuous education to ensure that its 70,000 members affiliated with 280 chapters in North America and abroad stay current with relevant principles and practices. The Ball State student chapter of APICS affiliated with the central Indiana chapter was founded in 1989.

Membership Eligibility
APICS is open to students in any major. Members receive a one-year subscription to APICS—The Performance Advantage and Production and Inventory Management Journal, discounts on conferences, meetings, and workshops, and on books and publications through the APICS Educational Materials Catalog.

Contact Info
Chai Jitpaiboon or Ball State APICS