Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration

Get the broadest possible perspective on business with the mix and match style of our business administration major.

Every step of the program is filled with choices so you can align your degree with your personal interests. You can build your own curriculum from each of the six departments in the Miller College of Business. For example, if you like marketing and finance but can’t handle the time commitment to major in both, get a mix of both with a customized degree in business administration.

Open up a channel for your learning by choosing classes from managing financial resources, understanding the marketplace, and organizational processes. And then really fly as you discover the wide-open frontier of business management opportunities—from small, entrepreneurial operations to multinational corporations.

Program Essentials

The business administration undergraduate major consists of at least 126 credits divided into four groups of courses: 

  • the University Core Curriculum: 41 credit hours
  • a set of 13 undergraduate business foundation courses: 39 credit hours
  • specialized business administration course work, including 9 credit hours focusing on managing financial resources, 9 hours focusing on understanding the marketplace, and 9 hours focusing on organizational processes: 27 credits
  • general electives to round out your degree: 19 credits

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Online Business Administration Degree Completion Program

If you are a busy adult who is looking for the flexibility of an all-online option, our bachelor’s in business administration online degree completion program was developed just for you. You may already have some college credits or perhaps an associate degree. We will help you develop a customized plan of study to meet your educational goals and that fit around work, family, and other obligations. Learn more about our online degree completion program and more specifics related to online study.