Prospecting, buying signals, concessions, and closing can be mystical terms. Many sales representatives struggle to learn how to sell properly on their own. 

But those who are part of our Center for Professional Selling have an advantage before the first contact is made. Our program offers nationally recognized experience and training in one of the most fundamental business skill sets—sales. Here you’ll get hands-on experience, the nation’s largest sales job fair, and more. 

There are a growing number of university sales centers in the country, and our program is one of just a handful that are accredited by the University Sales Center Alliance.

With our curriculum, you’ll be able to:

  • develop and test your skills in national competitions
  • establish relationship networks with other students and business professionals from around the country
  • build a collection of taped presentations to show to prospective employers
  • gain real-world experience through sales internships

Some of the course work includes selling advertising space in the local business community, role playing (in video recording labs with state-of-the-art integrated video and computer technology), using software to manage contacts and territories, and learning the skills necessary for sales management.

In addition to our programs for students, the center serves the business community by providing sales and customer service training, sponsoring seminars, making presentations on current (and timeless) sales topics, and hosting an annual sales career fair (the largest of its kind and attended by 75-plus companies and about 300 students).

The Professional Selling Advisory Board helps to ensure that the sales curriculum matches the needs of the business community, helps to grow and promote the center, and helps to provide career advice to students.