No matter your major field of study, additional studies in business give you the skills you need to be able to rise above the competition and prepare you for your professional career.  The Miller College of Business offers minor studies that are open to students of all majors and others that are exclusive to certain majors.

A minor in business can be a great pairing with all kinds of non-business majors across the Ball State campus. Adding business to your background can help you advance in whatever career you’ve chosen and can be the key to landing an attractive management position.

Minors Open to All Majors:

  • Business Information Technology—Any major (except information systems) can benefit from this minor, which includes a concentration of course work on information systems, data management, and microcomputer applications.
  • Economics—An economics minor is useful to any major. It includes foundations of microeconomics and macroeconomics and allows students to choose from a variety of economics electives.
  • Entrepreneurship—Adding an entrepreneurship minor to your major and your passion will let you take something you love and turn it into a business. Learn how to effectively market, manage, and finance your dream. We offer tracks for both business and non-business majors.
  • Financial Planning—Open to all majors, this minor provides course work necessary for a career in financial planning and covers the following topics: investments, estate planning, insurance, employee benefits, and retirement planning and taxes.
  • Marketing—This minor is open to all majors (except marketing and professional selling). It includes principles of marketing plus five marketing electives.
  • Professional Selling—Open to all majors (except marketing and professional selling), the professional selling minor includes marketing principles along with instruction in sales management, sales technology, professional selling, and elective course work.
  • Risk Management and Insurance—Open to all majors (except risk management and insurance), this minor covers principles of risk management and related topics.
  • Six Sigma - Any major can benefit from this minor. It includes courses in economics, geography, mathematical sciences, and several other fields that, together, provide a well-rounded study of production processes. 

Minors for Non-Business Majors ONLY:

  • Consumer Finance (in process of being discontinued) —This minor blends course work in personal finance, real estate, risk management, insurance, and consumer law.  This program is for non-business students only. 
  • Foundations of Business—This 21-credit-hour minor prepares you for the business world by offering courses in accounting, business law, economics, and information systems.  This program is for non-business students only.
  • Foundations of Management—This minor offers 21 credit hours of instruction into management, accounting, economics, operations management, and information systems.  This program is for non-business students only.

Minors for Business Majors ONLY:

  • Industrial Technology—This 15-credit-hour minor is designed to pair with a marketing sales and promotions concentration.  The program combines graphic design skills with manufacturing practices and procedures to make you feel at home in the industry.
  • International Business—This minor, open only to business majors, provides the fundamentals for practicing business in a global setting.  It is 33 credit hours total, including a 15-credit-hour minor in a foreign language.
  • Organizational Communication—Majors in business administration, entrepreneurship, human resources management, or communication studies will explore topics including group decision making, behavior management, and leadership communication.