At Ball State, you'll start out as a pre-business major and get a solid foundation with the University Core Curriculum and core business coursesAdvising services will help you weigh your options. Plus you'll be part of a living-learning community with like-minded students.

After you have fulfilled certain prerequisites in the pre-business core ("rule of 4"), you can become a business major. You’ll gain a solid foundation in business and a ticket to an exciting and lucrative career by choosing one of our undergraduate majors.

  • Accounting—Whether you’re headed for a public accounting firm, a private corporation, or a government agency, the accredited accounting program at Ball State provides a strong blend of academic background and hands-on experience.
  • Business Administration—Where do you want to go with your degree? The business administration major lets you mix and match the last 27 hours of your major for a tailor-made program suitable for careers in small, entrepreneurial operations as well as multinational corporations.
  • NEW! Business Analytics—How do you turn large amounts of data into useful information? The business analytics major combines technology and statistical skills to transform data into useable knowledge for fields including in business, government, and health care.
  • Computer Information Systems—Great rewards await those who understand how to use computer technologies to drive business innovations and create firm success. This major turns out graduates who are well-versed in cutting-edge technologies and are skilled in business-oriented problem solving.
  • Economics—Select this major for a career in business or as a financial analyst, or take it as part of a liberal arts degree on your way toward studying for law or another professional career.
  • Entrepreneurship—This innovative and nationally recognized program is known as “the ultimate entrepreneurial experience” and is designed to provide you with business skills as well as added confidence.
  • Finance—Understand the mechanics of financial markets and develop the analytical and quantitative skills needed for a career in business finance, financial planning and investments, or financial analysis.
  • Human Resource Management—One of just two human resource management programs in Indiana, this major will help you improve the effectiveness of employees within organizations and be able to solve the problems of hiring, training, evaluating, and motivating people.
  • International Business—In the business world, the companies that thrive are the ones that are truly global in focus. This major prepares you for exciting careers involving importing, exporting, overseas sourcing, and building global markets.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management—There are excellent career opportunities for those who know how to manage supplies, run plants effectively, ensure the creation of quality, and get products to market efficiently. Study logistics & supply chain for a ticket into this lucrative field.
  • Marketing—Marketing isn’t only advertising and selling but also requires the analysis of customer needs, the application of customer needs to product design, and creating and maintaining relationships with customers and suppliers. Ball State marketing majors develop a broad range of skills.
  • Professional Selling—A career in business-to-business professional sales focuses on people, not products.  Learn how to nurture professional relationships with clients with a major in this field.
  • Risk Management & Insurance—Sure, business is about taking risks, but not all risks are necessary. This major teaches you how businesses manage risks and the business of insurance, including insurance law.