The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship® (USASBE), known nationally as the premier association for entrepreneurship educators, has announced Ball State University as the recipient of the USASBE 2013 National Model Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program.

Rob Mathews, Brian Geiselhart, and Michael Goldsby represented Ball State in its 4th year as a finalist at the annual Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Awards presented at the 27th Annual USASBE Conference in San Francisco, California. The three past winners were Wake Forest University, Texas Christian University, and Oklahoma State University. Ball State is the first university to win the award twice in the history of the organization.

The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship® (USASBE) is the largest independent academic organization in the world dedicated to advancing the discipline of entrepreneurship. As leaders in the emerging discipline of entrepreneurship, our members are making an impact on how we think about, conduct research on, design public policy around, and interact with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ventures. USASBE is built around four pillars that guide the ongoing development of our organization. The pillars include: entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship research, entrepreneurship outreach, and public policy. By fostering advances in each of these areas, USASBE supports the development of entrepreneurship educators who will in turn create the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Pat Dickson, the USASBE President, noted “All the judging teams commented on the strength of the written submissions and the presentations by the schools that were finalists for the seven awards.” Congratulations to Ball State’s Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program, we applaud their ability to compete in the largest academic entrepreneurship conference in the world.

The entrepreneurship program, an initiative of Ball State's Miller College of Business, is well-known as the ultimate entrepreneurial experience. It features the New Venture Creation course, a final pass or fail class that requires seniors to put their degrees on the line when their business plans are reviewed by a group of top business leaders just days before graduation.