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Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

When you wear your favorite outfit, sip your latte, or download that catchy song of the moment, you are touching the result of marketing. 

Behind the design of the clothing, the roasted flavor of your coffee, and the interface of your music website are creative brand managers, savvy market researchers, and problem-solving sales reps, along with scores of other strategic marketers. They delve deep into consumer lifestyles, they identify niche markets, and they analyze consumer insights to understand how consumers interact with the world and use the products that they encounter.

A marketing degree explores all this and more. You’ll be exposed to advertising and sales, analyzing customer needs, securing information needed to design and produce goods or services that match buyer expectations, and creating and maintaining relationships with customers and suppliers. 

At Ball State, you'll get a chance to apply what you've learned before you graduate. Immersive learning opportunities and internships will give you insight into how businesses work.

Our nationally respected H.H. Gregg Center for Professional Selling will give you hands-on experience, national sales competitions, the nation’s largest sales job fair, and access to sales professionals. The center is one of just a few programs that are full members of the the University Sales Center Alliance.

Major Essentials

The marketing undergraduate major consists of at least 120 credits divided into four groups of courses:

  • the University Core Curriculum
  • a set of 14 undergraduate business foundation courses: 42 credit hours
  • specialized marketing course work—including four core marketing courses totaling 12 hours and 15 hours chosen from a list of marketing electives: 27 credit hours
  • general electives to round out your degree

You can find complete details about program requirements in the undergraduate catalog.

KateLin Doyle
For marketing major KateLin Doyle, Ball State's welcoming community is large enough to offer plentiful opportunities but small enough for her to work closely with professors and classmates.
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