Economics is more than something to study. It's a way of thinking about the world. Something incredible happens to your head when you understand how the elements of the economy fit together.

Economics blends social studies, science, and humanities. At Ball State, we offer a rigorous course of study in a supportive learning environment.

Our small classes are taught by full-time professors, and learn economic concepts, theorems, and how economics works in the real world. Our program features include internships and immersive learning opportunities as well as living-learning communities for freshmen. 

You might also have the opportunity join the Ball State team competing in the Fed Challenge and put your skills to the test in front of Federal Reserve, private sector, and academic economists. In 2007, our team made the final four.

Not only is economics at the core of success in the business and financial world and a perfect preparation for law school, but it works great for careers in government, academia, and other settings. And on a personal level, studying economics will affect how you make decisions in many aspects of your life.

Our programs of study offer three options for majors and a minor. The Department of Economics is part of the Miller College of Business with 12 undergraduate majors, three graduate programs, two associate degree programs, and 10 minors.

You are welcome to visit us. We're located in the Whitinger Business Building on a vibrant campus in Muncie, Indiana.

The Department of Economics appreciates the support of DataCamp Online Courses in R and Python.