Hall of Fame Award
Thomas R. Ertel
Accounting ‘77 
Partner, Ernst & Young
Indianapolis, Ind.

From a winery to real estate to a partner in two different accounting firms, Thomas R. Ertel’s business experience is vast and memorable.

With a degree in accounting from Ball State University, Ertel joined the offices of Arthur Andersen in 1977, becoming a partner at the age of 32. He worked in the Arthur Andersen Indianapolis office for 25 years, serving as the lead partner on a majority of the industrial and consumer product accounts. He joined the Indianapolis office of Ernst & Young in June 2002. 

Beyond accounting, Ertel cofounded a real estate business in 1977 with properties located in Maine and California. He opened a winery/bistro operation in 2006. Ertel Cellars Winery, located near Batesville, Indiana, has 40 associates.

He  is also the treasurer of the Downtown Indianapolis Streetcar Corporation and a member of the Indiana CPA Society. Ertel has remained active with his alma mater over the years.  He was inducted as an honorary member of Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary organization for accounting, finance, and information systems students and professionals, served on the Miller College Alumni Board, and worked on the national steering committee for the Alumni Center campaign. He currently serves on the Miller College Accounting Advisory Council.