Scott Cotherman


Scott Cotherman
BS general business administration and psychology, 1980

Current Position: Chief executive officer, CAHG, Chicago, Illinois,
and New York, New York
Within CAHG, one of the largest health care communications
companies in the world, Cotherman shapes the strategic direction
of the company, leads its growth and diversification initiatives,
manages its reputation and corporate image, and cultivates
key accounts and relationships. He is also the founder and
president of the Frank J. Corbett Foundation, which provides
educational scholarships in the field of health care, as well the
STAG Foundation, which supports the advancement of golf among
America’s youth. He is also the founder of KidConnect, supporting
the education of elementary school students through their creation
of public service advertising of healthy behaviors aimed at their
peer group.

Thoughts on Ball State: “My Ball State experience started with
my admission to Burris Laboratory School through my graduation
from the university. During that time, I was fortunate to have had
great role models at Burris in the form of my teachers (and student
teachers from Ball State) and coaches and at Ball State from my
professors and advisors as well as from my friends and colleagues
within the Epsilon Omega Chapter of Sigma Chi fraternity.”