Dave W. Heeter


Dave W. Heeter
BS finance and management, 1983

Current Position: Chief executive officer and director MutualFirst
Financial Inc./MutualBank, Muncie, Indiana
Heeter started working at MutualBank as a senior in high school
and continued to do so while a Ball State student. Upon graduation,
he accepted full-time employment and has served in various
positions throughout MutualBank.

Previous Employment: Various positions throughout MutualBank
(1986 to present) formerly Mutual Federal Savings Bank (1978
to 1985)

Additional Education: Graduate of the University of Wisconsin
Graduate School of Banking

Keys to Success: “I have been fortunate to have many different
people and organizations contribute to whatever success I have
enjoyed. I think one of the greatest contributors has been having
great parents who nurtured and supported everything I did as well
as pushed me to achieve. In addition, I found a spouse who has
always been there to support me in all activities. Also, I work for a
great company that nurtures and supports doing things right and
keeping a long term, big picture perspective.”