Robert S. Kaspar


Robert S. Kaspar
BS accounting and management, 1981

Current Position: Managing principal, The Windsor Group Ltd.,
Indianapolis, Indiana

Previous Employment: President, Somerset Wealth Management
(1997 to 1999); president, Irwin Union Investor Services (1984
to 1996); senior accountant, Ernst & Young (1981 to 1984)

Additional Education: Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Keys to Success: “I believe successful business leaders endure
over long periods of time by practicing a servant leadership model.
During my time as an executive at Irwin Financial Corporation, I
was involved with Mr. J. Irwin Miller and his son, William I. Miller,
both of whom provided significant impact and contribution to my
adult life. As a member of the management team during the mid-
1980s and 1990s, I learned lessons in corporate strategy, business
management, continuous quality improvement, marketing strategy,
and community leadership through effective philanthropy. I carry
these lessons with me today as I meet new challenges each day.
The Miller family influence during this time in my life illustrated
how principle-centered leadership works and how it can provide
an environment through which others can succeed. I measure
my success through others as a result of this experience.”