Randall Pond


Randall Pond
BS accounting and economics, 1977

Current Position: Executive vice president, operations, processes,
and systems, Cisco Systems, San Jose, California

Previous Employment: Chief financial officer and vice president
of operations, Crescendo Communications (1990 to 1993); vice
president of operations, Versatec (1988 to 1990); previous
employment also includes David Systems, Xerox Corporation,
Schlumberger, and Arthur Andersen

Additional Education: Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Thoughts on Ball State: “When I think back on my experiences
at Ball State three things stick in my mind. First are the
incredible friends that I made at the university, many of whom
I keep in contact with 30+ years later and despite a 2,000-mile
move to California. Second are the great relationships that
I had with many of my professors. Finally, reconnecting with
the university after 25 years has been great for me. Then Dean
Linda Richardson showed up in my office in San Jose making
a cold call. That led to my joining the Miller College of Business
Advisory Board and getting the opportunity to visit the campus
a couple of times a year.”