Anthony Schafer


Anthony Schafer
BS information systems and management, 1987

Current Position: President, Desktop Resources Inc.,
Indianapolis, Indiana

Previous Employment: Professional services manager, LMB
Microcomputers (1992 to 1995); systems analyst, Eli Lilly and
Company (1987 to 1992)

Additional Education: MBA in finance and marketing, Indiana
University, 1992

Keys to Success: “The two things that have contributed most to
my success are other people and balance. Whether ‘other people’
means employees, other business owners, experienced consultants,
or just people with an interesting perspective, I gain value and
energy from them. The name of my company does not include my
name—on purpose. It’s not about me—it’s about us. I can’t do what
I do without the commitment and energy of my coworkers. You will
never hear me say that anyone works for me. I always reference the
people who work with me. It’s just at the core of my perspective.
This company would not exist without the hard-working employees
I get to show up and work with every day.”