Tim R. Wheeler

BS, accounting, 1976

Current Position:
President, international division,Jockey International Inc., Kenosha, Wisconsin

Previous Employment:
President, V.F. Jeans wear, V.F. Corporation; vice president of business operations, Dawson Consumer Products; vice president of finance and operations, Crystal Brands Inc.; controller, business analyst manager, and audit senior, General Mills Inc.; senior accountant, Price Waterhouse and Company

Additional Education:
CPA, State of Minnesota, 1979

• Member of the Board of Directors, Reliance Brands Ltd.
• Member of the Board of Directors, Jockey International Inc.
• Member of the Board of Directors, International Apparel Federation
• Member of the Board of Directors, Page Industries Ltd.
• Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
• Practitioner as professor, Miller College

Keys to Success:
“I believe the most important element for me was hard work, day in and day out. I was always confident that new opportunities would present themselves if I always gave my best.I was always extremely flexible in taking on new projects or roles.”