The objective of an accounting graduate assistantship is to provide an academically and professionally valuable experience for the student. The graduate assistant will broaden his/her perspective of accounting and its related areas through varied assignments directed by faculty members.

Position Responsibilities/Duties
Graduate assistants are expected to perform their duties in a professional and timely manner. Graduate assistant duties typically include, but are not limited to, assisting faculty in research and instructional activities as well as providing tutorial support for the department.

Workload Requirements
Graduate assistants are expected to provide 20 hours of service per week (including the week of final exams) to the department and its faculty. The assignment of graduate assistants to work with specific faculty is the general responsibility of the director of Graduate Studies in Accounting. The director will work to coordinate assignments with the faculty to ensure each faculty has adequate instructional and research support. They will also prepare the tutoring schedule for the graduate assistants and make other departmental level assignments, as necessary.

Eligibility Requirements
A candidate for a graduate assistantship must be admitted to the Masters in Accountancy program and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Application/Selection Process
A candidate for a graduate assistantship must submit an application to the Department of Accounting. The director of Graduate Studies in Accounting, in consultation with the Department of Accounting chairperson, shall select graduate assistants from the pool of applicants. Selection criteria include the applicant’s undergraduate/graduate GPA, GMAT score, and special skills and abilities.

The director of Graduate Studies in Accounting has overall supervisory responsibility for graduate assistants. Individual faculty, however, will be responsible for supervising their assigned graduate assistants during the time allotted to them during the semester and for determining whether the graduate assistant is generally fulfilling his/her work and time responsibilities. Graduate assistants are required to provide the director of Graduate Studies a monthly time report summarizing their activities. 

Graduate assistants are normally employed on an academic year basis. A graduate assistant’s performance is evaluated at the end of each semester. A low performance evaluation at the end of the semester, or at any time during the semester, may result in the termination of the assistantship.

Fee/Tuition Remission
Graduate assistants receive a cash stipend and tuition wavier. Graduate assistants will only be responsible for student service fees.

Compensation is in accordance with the College of Business and Ball State University policy. Tuition is waived, but university fees must be paid.

Revised June 25, 2009