Graduate assistants provide valuable assistance to the faculty of the Department of ISOM in a broad spectrum of activities. In return, the graduate assistant receives experience that should be academically and professionally valuable. Graduate assistants receive monetary compensation and fee remission.

Graduate assistants provide various types of services within the department and are expected to work 20 hours per week. They are assigned two to three faculty members and may assist in numerous ways, including but not limited to research activities, classroom and lab supervision, grading, material preparation, preparing course syllabuses and preparing student lists, correcting homework assignments, and tutoring students.

Selection and Training
Graduate assistants are selected from a pool of applications. Undergraduate grade point averages, scores on GMAT test, computer expertise, and background in management and business are all considered in making the selections.

In addition to the general training provided by the Graduate School, the department chairperson will assign each graduate assistant to professors based on field of study. The professor or department chairperson will assign duties and discuss the expectations in areas of duties and conduct as a graduate assistant. The professor and the department chairperson will provide the resources and training necessary for the graduate assistant to perform his/her duties.

Graduate assistants are responsible to the assigned professors.

The faculty members to whom he/she is assigned will evaluate each graduate assistant. The evaluations are collected by the chairperson of the department who then meets with each graduate assistant to discuss the evaluations. Graduate assistants must reapply for a continuation of their assistantship once its term has expired. Graduate assistants may be terminated if they violate departmental, Graduate School, or university policies.