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Placement Tests

You may earn credit for previous language study through either national advanced placement tests or departmentally administered placement tests.

Eligibility: Students who wish to receive credit and advanced placement in foreign languages will be given departmentally administered placement tests during the two-day orientation and registration program, or at other times after making arrangements with the office of the Department of Modern Languages and Classics during the academic year in NQ 178 (765-285-1361 - Tuesday-Thursday 9 a.m.-11 a.m.). Students are expected to take these department placement tests in any language that they have studied before entering the university and intend to continue studying. These tests help determine your appropriate placement level.

Credit: Course placement will be determined by the test and you cannot enroll in a higher or lower level class than the test indicates. Once the indicated course is completed with a grade of "C" or higher, you will receive credits for the completed course and all lower level courses. In order to receive placement credit, you must have taken the placement test and have a record of the score on file (placement credits are put in DAPRs in Septemeber and in February only).

EXAMPLE: A student took three years of Spanish in high school and takes the foreign language placement test. The test places the student into SP 102 (Beginning Spanish 2). The student takes that class and earns a "B+" grade. Consequently, the student earns four credits for SP 102 and four credits for SP 101.

Students who have studied more than two years of Spanish or French in high school cannot enroll in the 101 course unless granted permission from the Department of Modern Languages and Classics. Native speakers who have completed high school studies in their native countries are not eligible for credit in the first- or second-year levels of their native languages.

Placement tests are given during the first day of your scheduled summer orientation  or may be arranged on other dates during orientation (June-mid July) through the Department of Modern Languages and Classics (NQ 178, 285-1361). Your academic advisor will help you decide if any of these tests are appropriate for you. Special preparation for placement testing is not necessary.
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