Japanese Major, 37 hours

Government, business, and even daily life operate in an increasingly more worldwide scope, making Asian countries like Japan, China, and Korea ever more important to the United States. Japan, in particular, is and will continue to be a world economic superpower and a major partner of the United States in international politics, business, culture, and trade.

Those who can facilitate the relationships of those partnerships will be tomorrow's leaders. You can prepare now for that key skill by studying Japanese here, one of only two public universities in Indiana that offer a bachelor of arts degree in Japanese.

Besides regular class activities, you can participate in one or both of our student organizations: Club Japan and the Japanese Animation Society.

You can also study at one of our three sister universities in Japan. A sister university is another institution with whom we exchange students.

Every year five Ball State students with a major or minor in Japanese receive scholarships to study at one of the following three sister universities for one semester or one academic year:

  • Tokyo Gakugei University: a national university in Tokyo; one Ball State student attends with a full scholarship for one semester or one year
  • Aichi University of Education: a national university in Nagoya; one Ball State student with a full scholarship for one year and another student with a tuition waiver
  • Sapporo University: a private university in Hokkaido; two Ball State students from May through the end of December

Why Japanese?

Japan is particularly important in the state of Indiana

  • It is the second largest international trade partner to Indiana, next only to Canada
  • There are approximately 110 Japanese companies in Indiana, employing 35,000 Hoosiers

Japanese is one of the two fastest growing foreign languages studied in the U.S.

  • In 2000, more than 100,000 students studied Japanese at 700 colleges/universities in the United States