There are countless majors that in and of themselves have nothing to do with foreign language or classical languages and cultures—yet they pair incredibly well with a minor from the Department of Modern Languages and Classics. The career possibilities are diverse, from banking and marketing to journalism and theatre to archeology to intelligence work.

Consider a minor in French, Spanish, or German. Whichever you choose, the minor will require 23 hours of study providing proficiency in the language, conversational fluency, and composition practice. Pick a minor in Japanese and the 30-hour curriculum takes you through intermediate language studies as well as a background in Japanese culture and civilization. The minor in Chinese is similar, but it supplements language instruction with a survey of Chinese history.

A 15-credit minor in classical culture, meanwhile, provides a feel for the literature of ancient times, translated into English, plus studies of mythology and other classical topics of interest. Choose a 15-21 hour minor in classical languages for a focus on either the Latin or Greek language along with such elements as Latin prose composition or Greek readings from Homer.

The value of language studies in combination with other disciplines is particularly clear when you consider the various interdisciplinary minors you can arrange through our department. Our curriculum offers a nice fit with European studies, for example, or Asian studies or ancient studies.