Auditions are required for all undergraduate music degree programs. Graduate and Artist Diploma students in conducting and performance also must audition. Learn more about the School of Music's audition and application process and deadlines.

Through intensive instruction from faculty with a wealth of experience as performers and teachers, you will explore innovative programs as you seek your undergraduate and graduate degrees in the School of Music.

Challenge yourself within our academically and artistically rigorous environment. Perform with award-winning ensembles. Develop creative recording engineering and professional songwriting skills. Prepare to teach in today's music classrooms under the guidance of award winning  music-education faculty. Compose music for a variety of performers and media. Study with leading music faculty.

Perform full-length recitals in one of the nation’s leading-edge performance venues. The Music Instruction Building features a 600-seat tunable performance hall with recording facilities (Sursa Performance Hall), a 150-seat tunable recital hall, rehearsal halls, practice rooms, and state-of-the-art music technology studios.

Experience the School of Music’s rich educational and performance environment by exploring the application and audition process today.