Continual growth and development throughout a career is one hallmark of a true professional. During each term of study as a music education major, students will exhibit a commitment to professional growth and development by earning professional development points. Points will be awarded as outlined in the Professional Development Policy.

Professional Development Log

(Events will be added as they are determined and confirmed)

  • Complete the EduRisk onilne training Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct. Access this via the EduRisk Training link on your MyBSU page. Print and submit the certificate of completion. This can only count once, during the term it is completed. Category 5 (20 pts.)
    Note: This is now required for students observing/participating in all field settings. It takes approximately 1 hour and is free.
  • Complete one or both of the following Hearing Health items:
  • Professional Webinars: You must submit proof of attendance (receipt or signed log) and a reflection statement. (25 points)

  • Specific events for the semester will be posted soon.