Required Courses

The following courses are required for all Doctor of Arts students. These courses constitute the "common body of knowledge" in the program. Students will place these courses differently in their curricular plans, depending on the areas of primary and secondary emphases. For example, a music education major might place Psychology of Music in the area of primary emphasis, while a piano performance major will likely place Psychology of Music in the college teaching and learning section of the curriculum. What is important is that these courses appear, not where they appear in the approved 90-hour plan. The credit hours for a course may not “double count,” but a single course may “function” to fulfill requirements in more than one way. For example, MUSED 668 may simultaneously fulfill the general research-class requirement and be a part of the Music Education Primary Area requirements.

Music History and Musicology

  • one advanced course selected from: MUHI 603, 605, 611, 632, 633, and 680
  • two additional courses in history/musicology, one of which must be a core* history class: one to be taken at Ball State (excluding independent studies); one may be a transfer course if taken recently (must clearly be a musicology/music history course).
    * Core DA history classes include: MUHI 501, 535, 536, 537, 538, 603, 605, 611, 631, 632, 633, and 680.

Theory and Composition

  • MUST 621 Analytical Techniques
  • select a theory course taken at Ball State (excluding independent studies)
  • one additional theory course (excluding independent studies); may be a transfer course if taken recently

Music Education

  • MUSED 681 Psychology of Music
  • MUSED 743 Role of Music in Collegiate Education
  • one additional music education course (excluding independent studies); may be a transfer course if taken recently (must clearly be a music education course; pedagogy classes in performance areas are not acceptable). 

Internship and Externship
(to be located in the College Teaching and Learning section of the 90-hour plan; see further information below)

  • MUSC 710 Internship in College Music Teaching (3 hrs. required; may take up to 6)
  • MUSC 711 Externship in College Music Teaching (3 hrs. required; may take up to 6)


  • DISS 799 (1-10) A total of ten hours of credit must be earned. (It is possible to register for dissertation credit in small blocks, e.g., 1, 3 or 5.) A student can register for dissertation credits only after candidacy is achieved, that is, after the comprehensive exams are passed and the dissertation topic is approved.

Teaching/Pedagogy Seminars

  • At least one of the teaching/pedagogy seminars (MUHI 602 Teaching Introduction to Music; MUST 722 Principles of Music Theory) must be taken. Note: these classes are not in addition to the history and theory requirements listed immediately above. Each could fulfill the “third course requirement” in either of those sections.


  • Select either: MUHI 600 Methodology and Bibliography in Musicology OR MUSED 668 Research in Music Education
  • Students should select one of the two research courses in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator and the Area Coordinator of their primary area. Students who will want or need a music education faculty member as the dissertation chair or co-chair must select MUSED 668; see other program requirements or suggestions below.
  • Note: these research courses are not in addition to the history and education requirements listed immediately above. Either course may fulfill the “third course requirement” in one of those sections.

More Information
For complete information on program requirements, for new or prospective students please consult the Graduate Music Handbook 2016-2017. For current students please consult the Graduate Music Handbook 2015-2016Graduate Music Handbook 2014-2015 and the Ball State University Graduate Catalog, or contact the Coordinator of Graduate Programs in Music.

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