Master of Arts in Music

Ball State University's master of arts degree (30 hours) is a general degree in music with a core of studies in music performance, music history and musicology, music theory, and music education. The MA program is designed for students who are interested in securing a broad coverage of the discipline of music at the graduate level.

The elective hours may be used for additional courses in music, for professionalization courses for certified teachers, or for a minor outside the School of Music. The degree includes a required research component that may take the form of a research methodology course, a research project or thesis, or a creative project recital.

Curriculum Outline

Ball State University's Master of Arts degree with a major in music requires 30 credit hours of study.  To see the minimum course requirements please consult:

More Information
For complete information on program requirements see the Ball State University Graduate Catalog, or contact Dr. Linda Pohly, the coordinator of graduate programs in music.