Music Education

Ball State University has one of the nation’s leading music teacher education programs. Our music education faculty members are national leaders in the profession, and all have extensive experience teaching in K-12 schools. Scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships are available for qualified students in our bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in music education.

Undergraduate Program

Our newly expanded and revised bachelor’s degree curriculum develops musical knowledge and skills, immersing students in practical experience throughout the four-year program. Aspects of the curriculum serve as models for music teacher education programs across the country. While we have one of the larger programs in the nation, we maintain an emphasis on your individual growth by limiting enrollment in all music education classes to a maximum of 15.

The undergraduate curriculum includes significant observing/teaching opportunities in K-12 music classrooms beginning in the first semester and extending throughout the program. Unlike many programs, you will participate in a music education methods class every semester, allowing for consistent growth and a continuous transition into the profession.  As a result, you will be better prepared for the complexities of the K-12 classroom. Our graduates are hired by Indiana schools at nearly twice the rate of any other institution and regularly accept positions throughout the nation, as well. 

Graduate Program

Our Master of Music in Music Education and Doctor of Arts in Music Education are open to students who present evidence of their ability to sustain a program of study at an advanced level. To further meet the needs of active K-12 music educators (and others), we offer a summer master’s degree program that allows you to complete the degree during 3-4 summer sessions. Required music education core courses are offered online and in a rotation that allows for completion of the program during summer sessions only.