Music History and Musicology

Ball State University's music history program has two principal objectives: providing every music student with a common core of essential knowledge and skills in music history and literature, and offering professional training for students majoring in the field of music history. Master's degrees in music history and musicology are available, as well as an undergraduate minor and a doctoral area of secondary emphasis. Music history assistantships are available for qualified graduate students.

Program Overview
We believe it is important to give students as wide and diverse an education as possible to prepare them for a career in music. Our music history program embraces the entire repertory of Western music from the Middle Ages to the present as well as American music, popular music, and an introduction to ethnomusicology. The program introduces students to a variety of research methods and scholarly approaches, including source studies, stylistic development, and historiography.

We believe scholarship and performance are not mutually exclusive, and we encourage our students to take part in the diverse performance opportunities available at Ball State to enrich their understanding of the music they are studying.

Another important resource is Ball State's Bracken Library, which has a music collection, music listening center, and full-time music librarian who holds a doctorate in music history and master's degree in library science.