Music Media Production and Industry

The Music Media Production and Industry area at Ball State University offers an undergraduate music degree with a series of classes in recording techniques, music production, songwriting, mixing, mastering, live sound, and music business. MMP majors develop as musicians while they develop a portfolio of skills that they can later apply to the rapidly changing music and entertainment industry.

An audition on voice or an instrument is required to be accepted into the School of Music. Once admitted, students develop expertise in audio engineering while growing their musicianship through private lessons, participation in ensembles, and classes in music theory, history, and arranging.

Graph of distribution of course credits into four areas, genearl education, theory/history, MMP, and lessons/ensembles

Students elect additional specialized classes in areas such as music production, computer music, composition, marketing, and digital media, and are encouraged to develop immersive learning projects and internships. This multi-disciplinary curriculum prepares students for a variety of employment options upon graduation in the fields of audio engineering, retail products, music business, and entertainment.

MT studio 1 MNIJ sessions

Prospective students and their families are invited to explore the Music Media Production and Industry website for more information, and to take a video tour of our state-of-the-art facilities.

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