The Music (Engineering) Technology program at Ball State has a growing number of alumni located throughout the United States, and some in other countries as well. We realize the potential value of this large group of talented people, and we are eager to help develop networking opportunities among our former students. We urge our alumni to stay connected with Ball State and with the Music Technology program.

Message to Alumni

Welcome to our alumni web page! We are happy that you are keeping in touch with the Music Technology program. Please feel free to contact us at any time with suggestions, updates of your contact information and professional activities, or just to say hello. You can contact Michael Pounds, Coordinator of Music Technology, and/or Jeff Seitz, Systems Engineer.

These past few years have been an exciting time for our program. We moved to our wonderful new studio facilities in the summer of 2004. If you have never seen these studios, you are welcome to come for a visit and a tour. Our curriculum has been revised and expanded, and we have been developing many new opportunities for our students. The number of Music Technology students has increased by nearly 50% in the last few years.

We are especially interested in developing networking opportunities among our alumni. As many of you already know, one of the best ways to succeed in any business, and especially in audio and music technology professions, is to know a lot of people in the industry. Our alumni are in a great position to help each other professionally and to help new graduates learn about life in the "real world". If you know of opportunities, or have some advice for other professionals, please share this with other alumni and current students. Not only our students, but our graduates too, are learning all the time. There is a vast amount of useful and interesting information accumulated within our community. We can all benefit by sharing that information and helping each other out in many ways. We in the Music Technology program are continuing to develop new ways to do that. Please participate!

Blackboard Community

We have created a Community site in Blackboard for our Music Technology students and alumni. We are very excited about this resource. The site includes a lot of interesting and useful information, opportunities, links, calendar events, etc. There is also a discussion board that both students and alumni are using regularly. The Blackboard site has been very successful so far, with hundreds of hits every day. We urge all alumni to participate. It is a great resource for students and alumni to keep informed about the program and the various areas of the profession. It is also a great tool for us to develop connections among alumni and students that can be fun and personally enriching as well as professionally helpful.

We will be happy to create external Blackboard accounts for alumni and add them to the Music Technology Community. Just send an email to Mike Pounds or Jeff Seitz. It only takes a minute, so don't hesitate. We welcome your participation.

Music Technology Listserv
We have a listserv email list for our Music Technology program. Many of our graduates have chosen to remain on this list in order to keep informed about things happening in the program. We use this list mainly for general announcements that are of interest to Music Technology faculty and students. All alumni are welcome to be members of this listserv.

Your subscription to our Music Technology email list can be managed at this site: "List Subscribers" and choose "BSU_MET-L". You can subscribe, unsubscribe, and change options. Graduating seniors should be able to add a non-BSU email account to the list.

You can also simply send an email to Jeff Seitz. He can add you to the list or help you if you are having any problems.

Alumni Listserv

We have created a separate listserv for alumni. We will use this to send messages that are of particular importance to alumni, and alumni can use it to send messages to other alumni. Current students are welcome to join this list (you might want to use a non-BSU address that you will use after you graduate).

You can add yourself to the list or manage your subscription at "List Subscribers" and choose "MUSICTECH-ALUMNI-L". You can also simply send an email to Jeff Seitz. He can add you to the list or help you if you are having any problems.

Send us your Information

We do our best to keep track of the professional activities of our alumni, and we also want to keep contact information current. Please send us an email with an update of your career activities and your latest contact information. Don't forget to include a web site or a link to the site of your business or employer. Please tell us if we can share any of that information with other alumni, or if we can post any of it on our Blackboard site or our web site. We will keep your information private unless you give us permission to share it. Send information to Dr. Michael Pounds, Coordinator of Music Technology, or Jeff Seitz, Systems Engineer.

Thank you very much for keeping in touch!

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