Peyton Cox Present Recital in Brown Planetarium 
Peyton Cox, graduating Music Media Production presented her senior capstone recital Pendulum in the Charles W. Brown Planetarium, an album of original electronic music about time called "Pendulum" that took advantage of the Planetarium's surround sound and advanced stellar projector systems.

Kevin Ray Shares Experience With Students
MPU alumnus and bass player for Walk the Moon came back to campus in April to talk with students about his experience at Ball State and beyond. He will be the featured guest speaker for MUSC299X-3 in the Fall 2016 semester, a 2 hour course with tips for success in the music business.

Immersive Learning Classes
There were three immersive learning classes in the Spring 2016 semester—educational videos for Conn-Selmer's website, a documentary about the Hastings Piano Competition, and The Scene.

Guest Lectures
We were fortunate to have visits this year from mastering guru Bob Katz, A-list German recording session guitarist Christoph Hessler, compression expert Ted Fletcher, and multiple Grammy nominee Edward Nixon.

Reality TV Show Pilot Filmed Over Spring Break
A crew of MMP students spent spring break in Studio One producing recordings of contestants for The Song, a series about songwriters now being pitched to networks. The panel of judges included Lisa Loeb, Shelly Peiken, Skip Bishop, Drew Copeland, and Mark Liggett. The students helped with the live sound for the taping in front of a live audience in Pruis Hall, which was followed by performances by Daya, Ryan Star, and Tryon.