Keys to Success

The study of music on the collegiate level is based upon skills and understandings developed before entering college. Some of the music abilities involved are:

  • perform­ance on an instrument or as a vocalist
  • aural discrim­ination of relationships involving pitch, duration, and timbre
  • understanding of notation

These and many other skills related to the theory and literature of music, perfor­mance, and music education will be developed during a student's college years.

The typical music student enters college with considerab­le depth of experience in some medium of perform­ance (voice, trumpet, cello, piano, etc.) and has studied privately and performed publicly in solo and/or ensembles.

For complete information on program requirements, please consult the School of Music Undergraduate Handbook, the Ball State University Undergraduate Catalog, or contact the Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs in Music.

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