hibiki trio pose for a photo

The Hibiki Trio is a faculty ensemble-in-residence comprised of Mihoko Watanabe, flute; Katrin Meidell, viola; and Elizabeth Richter, harp.

Hibiki, meaning resonance in Japanese (Úč┐), is a universal element of music, and represents the members' diverse cultural backgrounds.

Acclaimed for their commitment to new music, the trio performs contemporary works, as well as established repertoire for flute, viola, and harp. The Hibiki Trio specializes in finding obscure pieces and bringing them to life.

Additionally, the members engage in innovative editing of other chamber pieces to fit their instrument combination, thus expanding the oeuvre of literature for flute, viola, and harp.

The Trio performed on the national stage in 2015 and 2016 at the College Music Society national conference, as well as at the 2016 American Viola Society national conference.

They perform in Sursa Hall every semester.