Music Technology Resource Lab

The Music Technology Resource Lab is a computer lab on the first floor of the Hargreaves Music Building (MU 113) designed to support all of the academic needs of the Ball State University music student.

This lab contains 16 computers (eight Macintosh G4 computers and eight Gateway Pentium 4 computers) complete with 17-inch flat-screen monitors, 250MB Zip drives, floppy superdrives, plenty of USB ports for students' own peripherals, and the latest versions of the most popular and powerful productivity, word processing, Internet, and music sequencing, publishing, and education software.

A server-based high-quality laser printer, ink-jet printer, high-powered flatbed scanners, and 16 Korg multi-timbral synthesizers give students the ability to complete practically any task required of their music classes. So they can write and research their music history paper, publish their music education digital online portfolio, do a practice listening test for their music theory class, compose an aria, listen to (or record) a CD of their latest performance, and check their e-mail--all at the same time. Now that's multitasking!