Studio Two

Studio Two is dedicated to tracking, editing, and mixing music. The 32 channel Rupert NEVE 5088 console is the heart of the studio.

There are a few names in the industry that are synonymous with quality. Rupert Neve is at the top of the list. Rupert Neve is a personal recipient of a Technical Grammy Award, inducted into the Mix magazine “Hall of Fame”, and Studio Sound named him “Man of the Century”. Often called the father of the modern audio console, his designs are sought after because of their master craftsmanship and sonic character.

"The goal of the 5088 was to create a console with the absolute best possible audio performance, along with the long term reliability of my original designs. We spent years developing the high voltage circuitry and transformers that have improved the total dynamic range by over 10dB, and the resulting experience of listening to music through a 5088 is beyond anything I have previously witnessed. By adding SwiftMix to the 5088, you will be able to take full advantage of modern digital control, while maintaining an entirely analogue signal path, and thus not compromising the quality which we worked so hard to achieve."

~Rupert Neve

Studio two has an expanded ProTools|HDX system including three Avid HD IO 16x16 audio interfaces.

Studio Two, Soundhouse C and ISO C are part of an area that we call the south suite. Soundhouse C and ISO C contain microphone, line level, cue send, video and CAT5 connections to Studio two via patchbays integrated into the rack system adjacent to the D-Control. Studio Two also has tie lines to the NMR.

MT Soundhouse C

Rupert Neve 32-ch 5088 
ProTools HDX  
Digidesign HD IO (x3)
Apple MacPro  


Yamaha NS-10
Miller & Kreisel MPS 2510
Miller & Kreisel MPS 5310 (Sub)




Outboard Gear
(2) API 512C
(1) Bettermaker EQ 502P
(1) Bricasti Design Model 7 Reverb
(1) Chandler Limited Little Devil
(1) Crane Song Falcon 
(2) Daking Mic Pre 500
(2) Electrodyne 501 Preamp
(1) Emperical Labs FATSO jr 
(1) Grace Designs 801
(1) Lexicon MPX550
(2) MAAG Audio PREQ4
(1) Moog Music Analog Delay
(1) Moog Music The Ladder
(2) Purple Audio MC77
(2) Rupert Neve 542 Tape Emulator
(2) SSL 611DYN 
(2) SSL 611EQ 

All equipment on EquiTech balanced power systems.

Direct connection to Soundhouse C, Iso C.

Tie lines to Studio 1 & 3.

School of Music
Hargreaves Music Building (MU) 203
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Phone: 765-285-5400
Fax: 765-285-5401
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