Studio Two

Studio Two is dedicated to tracking, editing, and mixing music. The environment features the world's first Digidesign D-Control. In addition to the control surface, audio preamps, MIDI interfaces, synchronization devices, audio interfaces and Pro Tools software integrate seamlessly into a high-end production workspace.

Studio two has a ProTools|3 system including three Digidesign 192 audio interfaces. There are 32 microphone inputs in the studio spaces surrounding Studio two that can be patched into 24 channels of Digidesign and Grace Design microphone preamps. The surround system uses Miller and Kreisel MPS2510 monitors with MPS 5310 subwoofer. Check out the studio two equipment below. Or, download a Studio Two (PDF).

The Soundhouse space adjacent to studio two features wall panels and curtains that open and close to adjust room acoustics. The windows in studio two and the soundhouse are covered with clear RPG diffusors.

MT Soundhouse C

Digidesign ICON 32 fader D-
ProTools HD|3
Digidesign Sync IO,
Digidesign 192 IO (x3)
Apple MacPro w/Magma chassis

Digidesign PRE (8 ch.)
Grace Designs 801 (8 ch.) (x2)

Pioneer DV563 universal player

Kurzweil K2600

Yamaha NS-10 (L,R)
Miller & Kreisel MPS 2510
Miller & Kreisel MPS 5310 (Sub)

Two Stereo Sends from ICON
Furman HR-2 stereo stations (x20)
Aviom A-16II (8 stations)
Audio Technica AT-D40fs
headphone (x20)




Access Music Virus Indigo
Antares AutoTune 4
Audio Ease AltiVerb
Digidesign Bruno/Reso
Digidesign D-Fi
Digidesign Impact
Digidesign Maxim
Digidesign ReverbOne
Digidesign ReVibe
Digidesign SoundReplacer
DUY Analog Bundle
Eventide Reverb
Eventide Clockworks bundle
Focusrite d2/d3
IK Multimedia T-Racks
Line6 AmpFarm
Massenburg Hi-Res Parametric EQ
McDSP Analog Channel
McDSP MC2000
MOTU MachFive
Roger Nichols Detailer
Roger Nichols InspectorXL
Serato Pitch’nTime
Sony Oxford EQ
Sony Oxford Dynamics
Sony Oxford Inflator
SynchroArts VocALign
TC Works TC Tools
Trillium Lane Labs TL|Everyphase
Trillium Lane Labs TL|Metro
Trillium Lane Labs TL||Mastermeter
Wave Mechanics UltraTools
Waves 360 Surround
Waves Diamond bundle

All equipment on EquiTech balanced power systems.
Direct connection to Soundhouse C, Iso C.
Tie lines to Studio 1 & 3.

School of Music
Hargreaves Music Building (MU) 203
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Phone: 765-285-5400
Fax: 765-285-5401
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