Voice Venues

The Ball State School of Music's voice area is benefiting from the new Music Instruction Building in many ways that go beyond the obvious.

In addition to providing new instruction, rehearsal, and performance spaces, the building is a premium performance facility due to two acoustically excellent and intimate performance venues. These help young singers feel comfortable by allowing the students' natural and unpushed voices to carry and communicate easily.

The excellent acoustics and the installed high-quality audiovisual recording equipment make self-assessment convenient and accurate. This is critical for singers who, being inside their instrument, are unable to hear their voices as their audience does.

The Sursa Performance Hall offers the opera program a space similar in size and feel to that of many European opera houses. The pit accommodates an orchestral ensemble large enough for opera works intended for more intimate houses. Young voices also are likely to carry well in this space and will not need amplification. In addition, the new facility will enable the opera singers to have adequate rehearsal time in the space where they will perform.

Music is most effective when performers and audience members feel physically, acoustically, and aesthetically at home in a performance hall. The Music Instruction Building is providing this opportunity.