Field Studies

Every year, we sponsor field studies to give you the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in real-world conditions.

Past field studies have ranged from the American Southwest and Alaska to Central America and South Africa.


Past Alaska field studies have included tours of Prince William Sound (1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill site) and explorations of Chugach National Forest and Denali National Park. Alaska offers a range of opportunities for students to observe archaeological and gold mining sites, and glacial and geologic processes, and participate in discussions on Alaska's energy and mining policy, park and forest management, the fishing industry and wildlife conservation.

Costa Rica

Having led several field studies to Costa Rica, our department has studied the management of tropical rainforests, wildlife, energy and agricultural resources across a range of sites: Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Guanacaste National Park, the Arenal hydroelectric facility, and the Poas and Arenal volcanoes.


We have led field studies to study both cultural and natural resources of Central and Western Europe. Sites have included glaciers in the Austrian Alps, the Black Forest, sites of historical and cultural interest as well as various industrial and municipal facilities.

American Southwest

As the home of some of the United States' finest national parks, the American Southwest gives students an opportunity to learn wilderness survival techniques, nature center and interpretive program management, and overall visitor management on public lands. Students also gain an appreciation for natural resource management in arid climates and the need for water conservation.

South Africa

Camping at often remote sites, students acquire survival, tracking, and navigation skills while experiencing the diverse wildlife of the area, including the prized "big five": elephants, rhinos, water buffalo, leopards, and lions.

On visits to Kruger National Park, students learned game capture techniques, wildlife to livestock diseases, and controlling elephant overpopulations.

As you can see, field studies are invaluable opportunities to learn and explore so pleaseĀ contact us for information on upcoming opportunities.

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