NREM graduate students are invited to apply for an assistantship with the department. Graduate assistantships provide you with an annual stipend as well as tuition remission (student fees outside of tuition are not eligible for remission). Students may participate in an assistantship for a maximum of two years for MA/MS students, and three years for EdD students.

Application Process

Applications for graduate assistantships will be reviewed until all positions are filled. Review usually begins in early March for assistantships that start in the fall semester of that same year. Only completed application files will be considered. Such files include GRE scores, letters of recommendation, college transcripts, TOEFL scores (if admitted as an International student), and the departmental application form; the applicant must be in good standing with the university and not on academic probation through the Graduate School.

Graduate Assistantship Description

The primary purpose of a graduate assistantship in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management is to provide qualified graduate students with funding to support their academic progress toward a master's or doctoral degree while engaging them in professional activities that support the mission and needs of the department. These activities include assisting professors with course instruction or research, promoting the department to others, and more.

Graduate Assistantship Duties

The typical duties of a graduate assistant may include some mix of the following: preparation for laboratory activities in support of a professor's teaching; instruction of laboratory sections (including in-class, in-lab, or field activities); supervision of the NREM computer facility; maintenance of the department's webpage; occasional clerical/receptionist support in the main office; maintenance of department bulletin boards; providing technology and recruiting support; and other duties that may arise.

Workload Requirements

A full-time graduate assistant is expected to devote approximately 20 hours per week to assigned duties. A half-time graduate assistant is expected to devote approximately 10 hours per week assigned duties. These hours may vary depending on the semester, and some load averaging may be necessary and expected to achieve fair workloads and fulfillment of duties.

Selection Process

Each year, assistants are selected by March for the coming academic year. Applications must be received by the end of February to ensure consideration for the following academic year (or for Fall semester). Students may apply at any time to be considered for a position. The complete application must include: acceptance by the Graduate School (and by the Center for International Programs in cases of international students); original copies of all college transcripts; at least two letters of recommendation; and GRE scores.