The post-master’s certificate nurse educator option is designed for nurses who have completed a master’s degree in nursing.

Our educator role courses provide a foundation in curriculum and program development, teaching and learning in nursing, and evaluation methods. All of the coursework for this concentration can be completed online.

During the last semester, you will take a 225-hour practicum (2 days per week) in an associate or baccalaureate on-campus nursing program in your geographic area. You will have the opportunity to work with an experienced nurse educator both in the classroom and in a clinical setting.

Courses for the PMC Nurse Educator Option

  • NUR 605 Nursing Information Technology (2 credit hours)
  • NUR 620 Curricular Designs in Nursing (3 credit hours)
  • NUR 622 Teaching in Nursing (3 credit hours)
  • NUR 626 Program Evaluation (3 credit hours)
  • NUR 608 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Clinical Practice (3 credit hours)
  • NUR 609 Health Assessment for Clinical Practice (3 credit hours) (45 hours clinical)
  • NUR 672 Practicum of Role Expectations (4 credit hours) (225 hours clinical)